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Assembly Bill 2716

This legislation would lead to more abandoned wells in California and hurt climate compliant producers while increasing our state's dependency of foreign imports. 

This bill wrongly defines wells that produce less than 15 barrels as "low producing." The vast majority of oil wells in California produce less than 15 barrels of oil per day, and the same is true nationwide. Producing 15 barrels of oil or less per day is a “normal,” and profitable, oil well. And in California, no oil well is allowed to emit any pollution or greenhouse gasses whatsoever or the state will shut them down. This bill would subject companies that operate normal oil wells to a daily fine of $10,000 per day. This massive fine is intended to do one thing, shut down oil production in California making the state 100 percent depended upon imported oil.

Introduced by Assemblymember Isaac Bryan, this bill seeks to fine oil companies out of existence.

About AB 2716

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