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Nevada Governor Warns of Higher Gas Prices Due to California Policy

Multiple news outlets have reported that Governor Joe Lombardo of Nevada issued a letter to California Governor Gavin Newsom, expressing concerns about California’s SBX1-2 legislation, which he believes could raise gas prices in California, Nevada, and Arizona. Lombardo emphasized that 88% of Nevada's fuel comes from California refineries, making Nevada highly susceptible to California's fuel policies. He warned that the proposed profits cap structure could lead to fuel shortages and higher costs. Lombardo's letter requested an assessment of the legislation's impacts across the West and offered the Nevada Office of Energy's assistance in discussions with the California Energy Commission.

In response, a spokesperson for Governor Newsom dismissed Lombardo's concerns as a political stunt to please his oil industry donors. The spokesperson accused Lombardo of parroting their talking points and emphasizing that oil refiners are responsible for high gas prices.

“This is a stunt to appease Governor Lombardo’s Big Oil donors, who contributed tens of thousands of dollars to his campaign. He’s parroting their talking points, and he knows full well that oil refiners are driving up gas prices and making massive profits — harming residents of both of our states. Price spikes are profit spikes, and California is holding Big Oil accountable.”

Lombardo's office countered, stating that his letter was a sincere effort to address the high gas prices affecting Nevadans and criticizing Newsom’s response as political gamesmanship. Lombardo reiterated his offer for the Nevada Office of Energy to collaborate with the California Energy Commission despite Newsom's apparent disinterest.

“Governor Lombardo sent his letter to Governor Newsom in good faith to express serious concerns on behalf of millions of hardworking Nevadans currently suffering under inflation and high gas prices. Governor Lombardo isn’t intimidated by baseless attacks, and he’ll always speak up in the best interest of his constituents. Political gamesmanship isn’t the answer to legitimate policy concerns, and Governor Lombardo’s offer to have the Nevada Office of Energy assist the California Energy Commission in understanding the impacts of their policy decisions still stands – though Governor Newsom has no apparent interest in that.” - Elizabeth Ray, Spokesperson for Gov. Lombardo.

For more information, contact Sean Wallentine.


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