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API Files Legal Action Over Biden Administration’s New Methane Regulations

The American Petroleum Institute (API) initiated legal action in a federal appeals court against the Biden administration's new methane regulations. This action keeps API's legal options open while it engages with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to seek administrative modifications to the methane rule. 

According to Bloomberg News, Dustin Meyer, API's Senior Vice President of Policy, Economics, and Regulatory Affairs, highlighted that while the industry continues to reduce emissions, there are significant concerns regarding certain technical aspects and the practical implementation of the final rule.

The methane regulations are comprehensive, imposing new standards for the monitoring, repairing, and replacing equipment at oil and gas facilities across the United States. 

Of extreme concern, for the first time, the Biden administration's regulations empower private citizens to police oil wells and pipelines for methane leaks. 

API wants further discussion regarding rules affecting equipment used only temporarily at sites, advocating for exemptions. They are also asking for more straightforward guidelines on the approval of new technologies for leak detection beyond the currently favored optical gas imaging cameras. 

Another critical issue is the need for clarity regarding the scope of requirements for storage vessels because modifications to any single tank could necessitate comprehensive upgrades across multiple tanks.

API's decision preserves its legal options while leaving the door open for the groups to discuss and find administrative changes with the Environmental Protection Agency.

For more information, contact Sean Wallentine.


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