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CIPA Battling Against the Legislature’s Energy Shutdown Agenda;Your Help is Needed!

Several terrible bills passed the Assembly and Senate Appropriations Committees before last week’s fiscal deadline -- bills aimed at shutting down California’s state-of-the-art oil production sector in favor of imported foreign oil. Now there is a battle brewing on the floors of the respective legislative chambers.

CIPA members have been asked to engage against several priority bills CIPA is fighting this session. The bills were voted off the Assembly Appropriations Suspense File and are headed to the Assembly Floor and eligible for a vote as early as next week.

Here is a detailed Legislative Alert that was sent to CIPA members last week to help aggressive opposition to these bills.

The alert, linked above and here, includes the following instructions and information for each of the three bills:

  • A brief summary about the bill

  • Message points for members to send a letter to their Assembly Members 

  • Message points for a phone call to the Assembly Member’s office

  • More on the bill with a link to CIPA’s public affairs website developed based on initial feedback from CIPA member subcommittees

  • A link for how members can identify their Assembly Member (and Senator)

As California’s independent producers know, legislative dynamics move quickly. CIPA staff will keep the membership up to date on our progress. And to every CIPA member who decides to step up and fight, the association is grateful.

For more information, contact Sean Wallentine or Lindsey Goodwin.


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