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CIPA Testimony on AB 3155


This week, community leaders, business organizations, and oil workers testified and voiced their opposition to Assembly Bill 3155 by Assemblywoman Laura Friedman (D-Burbank). 

AB 3155 is a carbon copy of Senator Lena Gonzalez’s (D-Long Beach) SB 556 from last year that claims oil wells cause all types of illness in the surrounding communities. Last year, the state legislature rejected SB 556.

Charles Henderson, with E&B Natural Resources, delivered a powerful testimony at the hearing about how the oil industry provides second chances to people like himself -- an opportunity that, after 28 years in prison, has afforded him the ability to raise a family and have a new lease on life. His story helped move some Democrats to withhold their support of AB 3155. 

Ultimately AB 3155 passed out of the committee, but Charles’ testimony, coupled with dozens of other voices in opposition to AB 3155, had a powerful impact: the bill had been expected to sail out of committee but ended up passing with only the bare minimum of required votes. CIPA will continue to engage allies and work to defeat this unscientific bill that seeks to put oil companies out of business.

Below is a video highlighting Charles’ story and the long line of opposition to AB 3155.


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